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    • My little world
    • Ok so things are evolving around here.

      Not only mentally but also in the decoration aspect of my life. As you already know, I moved in to my own place about a year and a half ago (almost two years O_O ...time flies!) and, since I hadn't decorated a place of my own in a long time, gathering everything as been a process.

      Looks like the universe was also asking me to create art in order to start seeing the real potential of my apartment.

      As of now... this is what my main living space looks like and, I figured some of you guys are …

    • Escape in nature <3
    • Happy Monday everyone, hope you all had a wonderful weekend. *^_^*

      As you can read from the title, I escaped the city on Friday to the sunny beaches of Mont-Tremblant which is about two hour drive from Montreal. When ever we can start traveling again, and you happen to be in Quebec, I strongly suggest you visit this area. Endless mountains covered in green, lakes, rivers, beaches, retreats... definitely something not to miss out on. Even in the winter, you can do many sports and it's a region that stays alive and relevant all year …

    • Morning strip
    • He slept at my house that night. It felt a little weird to wake up beside someone after over a year and a half being single and living alone. Somehow, I miss those mornings even if I love waking up alone with my own thoughts and energy with nothing to disturb them.

      As every morning, I'm horny when I wake up. He made me coffee and I stripped for him. Today's update is a few of the photos he shot of me.

      Hope you enjoy this naughty update <3

      Have a wonderful Thursday everyone <3

    • Nude painting
    • There's a few of you in here who are aware of this but, I started broadcasting my personal art time on Onlyfans. Sadly the first ever show wasn't recorded but the last three have been. The quality of the videos will start improving as the third one because I changed software to rip the feed. Today you have the first two which is still nice.

      Both were streamed on the same day. The first one is in the morning and, you'll be able to see my tired eyes, TERRIBLE hair (I had not noticed!!!) and non makeup face.

      The second one was …

    • Wednesday June24, 2020
    • There's classical music playing in the background and the sound of the city is slowly coming back to what we used to hear in "the old life". The sky have been gorgeous to look at lately. From the bright blues of the day to the pinks, oranges and purples of the sunsets and sunrises. My balcony garden is doing semi great but I'll get on that this week end.

      It's a national holiday in Quebec, we're celebrating - La Saint Jean Baptiste. I remember dancing in a big outdoor rave at this time, last year. This year doesn't feel very festive …

    • Back from the woods!
    • Happy Monday everyone <3

      I came back yesterday from a wonderful nine days in the middle of the woods with no one around and only the sound of the birds and the trees dancing in the wind. It takes to getting out of the city to really appreciate it and it takes to live in the city to appreciate the country side.

      As much as I enjoyed my days walking around naked in the backyard and tan my bare ass on the terrace, I missed my own little jungle and the rumble of the city.

      Montreal is opening up this week. Starting today, …

    • Naked life
    • I've been walking around naked for the past two days.

      These pics were shot yesterday and this morning. You might have seen a few on Twitter and Instagram but you havent seen them all.

      Click here to access the complete collection <3

      Life's pretty relaxing here and I hope it is where you are too. <3

      If not, at least you'll have these images to reminds you that nature is beautiful and that you should really try to walk around nude in nature one day.

      hugs and kisses, have a wonderful week. *^_^*


    • Nature sounds
    • Writing these few words and listening to the sound of nature. As of now, it's mostly the sound of the wind dancing with the trees and the nice relaxing rumble their leaves do when they are being touched. A few birds are singing, mostly the same bird which I have no clue what he is. He has this two tone music with every screams, it really make a cute melody.

      His music reminds me of the sounds I used to hear every mornings at my dad's (he lives in the country) as a kid. This place is so relaxing and this week end I'll be taking it …

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