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    • Creative quarantine and souvenirs of Hanna Orio naked in my kitchen.
    • Hello, hello!

      Missed me? ... aww, same <3 Hope you've been good. Things are really good here.

      Because it's important to stay busy, I started working a few new fun projects. For some reason, the paint brushed have absolutely absorbed a piece of my existence which forces me to spend many hours painting objects from terra cotta pots to wood canvas. It's been a blast and the painting station is always installed on my living room table (the clutter drives me nuts but creativity doesn't care) in order to be ready for any little …

    • Gloomy day and unshaved pussy
    • The last few days have been quite busy. From shipping fan packages to grabbing a small refill of what I needed from the grocery to a seriously scary trip to the hardware store, half an hour far from where I live... It's annoying to now have the thought "was I careful enough?" coming back every minutes as the day goes by and you start to analyze every little pain felt in a day.

      Maybe it doesn't help that I'm a little sore from working out but at least I'm happy to know that I'm doing something about my health. Currently spreading my …

    • New week, new opportunities.
    • Hey everyone!

      Another day passing in semi quarantine land and I've taken a slow approach to today, hence why my Monday blog is only published now. Yesterday morning, I went jogging, for the first time in many years. It felt incredible even if it a lot harder that I remembered. Today my legs are a bit sore but nothing that will stop me from going back out there tomorrow!! ............. hopefully XD

      The internet has been very busy lately and it's been really cool to get to know some new faces and talk with new fans. Btw …

    • Taking chances
    • I shouldn't be looking at my computer today because I'm fighting a migraine but the only thing on my mind is you. Where are you today and how you feel is occupying space and not the constant rumble in my head will make my stop thinking. I hope you're safe, I hope you're happy.

      It's a slow overcast day in Montreal and, like I mentioned, I shouldn't be looking at a screen. My head is pounding, so is my heart. It didn't stop me for shooting a few nudes which you told me that you like admiring. So here they are, hoping they will …

    • First day out.
    • I had not gone out in last two weeks. Comfortably cooped up in my apartment, I watched the news and the saw world being brought down to it's knees by an almost invisible threat. Special time to be alive, I'm still debating if I like this new world or not yet.

      To make it even more dramatic, allow me to take a pandemic movie director tone to refer to the last time I went out as "the old world".

      In the old world, we hugged people without thinking twice. In the old world, we sat in restaurants and bars, went to shows and to the …

    • Quarantine day 10
    • You would think that I would be loosing my mind at this point but I am not. After an official full ten days cooped up inside my apartment, I've been more productive than ever on my Foodie instagram, Twitter & Facebook in a while + I've shot content that need to be edited for this site. In one of my notebooks, a few Youtube video subjects have been written down but still battling with a little frustration at the idea of setting up a ton of equipment because, since my place is small, it looks like clutter very fast. No worries, I'll get …

    • Morning stretches
    • I'm absolutely aware to have published another article a few minutes ago but, since there's been two new updates on the site today, it deserved another entry.

      Do you take the time to stretch, in the morning? It's usually the first thing I do after taking a few photos to post on my Instagram story and on OnlyFans. It seems like forever ago I was attending three to four hot yoga class per week and I miss that so much.

      Yes, if you're wondering, I do practice yoga at home between my living room and the kitchen but it's just not …

    • Pink harness
    • Received a few months ago, it was my first time wearing this pink chained harness and can I just say that I'm in love with it!!?! *^_^* I wore it for a Skype domination session with a very docile little puppy which was not only super fun, wearing this harness made me feel that much sexier.

      Btw, if you would like to schedule a Skype session, feel free to write me a note in the comment section under this post (or any other posts - I'll see it) / Rates for a NSFW session are 6$ (usd) / minute with a 30 minutes minimum booking.

      If you …

    • Sunday tease in quarantine
    • Most of us didn't think we would ever live this kind of situation in our lifetime but, here we are, almost the whole world stuck at home and impulse buying an unhealthy amount of toilet paper. It's pretty crazy when you think about it that of all products possible to impulse buy... toilet paper is THE one everyone is running for. Not sure if we all watched the same episode of the walking dead (I think it was in that show) where one of the actor makes a jokes on this post apocalyptic world where toilet paper is as valuable as gold but, one …

    • Train ride in my PJs
    • I had the oportunity to travel by train to Toronto last week end. I left on Thursday and came back on Saturday. The reason of my travel? I got a little speaking role in a mainstream movie!

      Honestly, when I was asked to auditioned for the role, it surprised me. I had not applied anywhere and never heard of the casting agent who contacted me. When I recorded my audition and sent it in, I panicked for two weeks after thinking it was a fake casting and that video was going to leak online LOL!'s ridiculous. I know.

      After a …

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