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    • Mid week fantasy...
    • Let's say I'm walking around you like this. It's pretty obvious, I want you to look at me and no, I'm not planning on putting on pants.

      Instead, I'll just lay on the couch. Twist and turn until you notice me.

      I know you see me and you're doing your best to stay concentrate on what ever you're looking at but, life has something different for you today. You hear me giggle at your concentration issue. Not sure how long you'll stay over there before coming to sit beside me on this couch.

      ...would you come …

    • Those dreams...
    • Being sick for a week prior, I caught up on a lot of sleep. Often waking up super early and falling asleep super earlier too. It leaves a lot hours to dream and my mind have been very active in the last few days.

      Some of those dreams feel so real, hard to decide if I prefer to stay in dreamland or wake up and face the day. His breath on my neck, his lips on mine, the touch of his fingers on my skin... this morning, I woke up with goosebumps.

      Have you ever had those dreams that feel so real? So much that you mind is being tricked …

    • I really love the latest pictorial on the site.
    • Happy Monday everyone!

      It's another beautiful and productive week that is starting and with each new beginning, new tasks gets added to the schedule. Blogging on Monday seem to be a good way to start the week, on my side, as I get to tell you how much of an awesome weekend I just had......... WORKING and marathoning Next in Fashion on Netflix. Seriously an incredible show and a nice reminder that I really need to get back on sewing.

      Not sure if you noticed but pretty sure you did, the last part of the pictorial "early morning" is …

    • Saturday hugs
    • You'll have to forgive me today, I don't have much to say. ;)

      I hope you all had an amazing Valentine day <3 I enjoyed a spontaneous dinner in good company, and it was awesome. Made seitan tacos with roasted butternut squash... let me just say that I'm pretty excited for today's leftover lunch.

      Shot these few pics earlier, thought you might enjoy seeing them. Posted a few on Onlyfans but if you click here, you'll get to enjoy the complete gallery. :P

      It's nothing fancy, just the classic selfies in the mirror :P - I am a …

    • Valentine day morning
    • Happy Valentine day everyone!! Not sure what's your plans for the day but I'm spending my day with you as you're officially all my dates <3

      There's been a new update on the site, the part 2 of the pictorial #EarlyMorning which already has received good comments, hope you'll also enjoy the Part3 coming this Monday.

      As every morning, I wake up early, masturbate and then get out of bed. If you're following me on Instagram and/or OnlyFans, you've also enjoyed a few of my morning selfies already but, I took more and they have been …

    • LIVE morning hang outs - will they ever return?
    • This is something I started about a year and a half ago on the site and it was... probably too early to be very popular yet, often I get asked if they will ever come back. Something tells me you enjoyed seeing me without makeup, messy hair and drinking coffee.

      To be honest, it didn't bother me THAT much that our morning streams where very intimate and not filled with a ton of viewers but it would lying to say that I also didn't wished they were more popular. With that said, I want to personally thank each and every one of you who have …

    • I never read my past blogs & I've never got that ice cream or dick.
    • This is going to be a complicated title to explain because it's quite literal. When you think about it, this blog have been live since 2005 and the idea of going back out there to read old thoughts, happy moments, sad moments, mad moments, confused moments and any other kind of moments from my past seem a bit intimidating. I don't know why it feels this way but it does. Some days I day dream of wiping up the whole blog and starting from scratch because I've always been a fan of new beginnings. So much amazingness is possible in new …

    • Emotions...
    • Anger isn't something I usually feel. Often I'll get depressed, sad, disappointed, annoyed, frustrated but angry isn't something that's coded in my DNA... usually. If I'm being fully honest here, some situations have the right amounts of triggers to make me furious to a point of no return but, the zen aspect of my mind always tries to take over, at some point, to calm down and get back to a mood where I wont fall off the angry plane and smash my face on the "I'll eat your face if you don't shut it" planet.

      Instagram has this effect on …

    • Mini post weekend ramble
    • Another beautiful week ahead of us. Not sure if you're referring your week as "beautiful" but I always prefer to give it a positive tone even if I know it's going to be a busy one.

      My wrist have been stuck in a brace all weekend and sort of feel better. A decade of photo retouching mixed in with a low muscle count and a stubborn mind which makes me push sometimes a little too hard in yoga class, you get a nice tendinitis. This goes by saying but I cancelled today's yoga class because why push my luck with all the editing on my …

    • Sunday morning nudes and ramble.
    • Once again I fell asleep on the couch. It's not that much of a big deal as I own a massive orgy level couch but my bed is way comfier. The sound of the fridge motor is what woke me up (I think) at 3am to go to bed.

      After an extra little nap of three big hours, here I am again walking around naked while petting and talking to my plants. They get love every morning while I answer tweets, make coffee, drink coffee and plan my day. Today's schedule is a little busy; lunch at mom's, yoga with a friend and then chill wine night with another …

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