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    • Catching up
    • There's been gorgeous weather over Montreal, in the last week.

      As the leaves grow in the trees, so does my creativity and my will to go outside and explore my city once again.  Since the last time we spoke, quite of lot have happened and obviously, I felt the need to take a step back from the world in order to work on myself... and on new content for the site.

      I've also had the chance to meet an adorable little mouse called Ziny Cosky during her trip to Montreal, last week.  She's brand new to the industry, webcam on Chaturbate and we …

    • Look what I did with those fishnets...
    • Right after filming the booty worship video, I posted this video blog on my OnlyFans.  The tease is good, the message is important for you guys as well....

      I'm going to be launching a store VERY soon where you'll be able to buy pieces of my closet, various art that I made, autographed items and more.  For the few of you who remember my first store, it's going to be the same URL so you can already go and bookmark the link again.  For the rest of you, who are confused by what I just said, no worries.  I'll be promoting the store the second …

    • My favourite screen caps from the "Booty Worship" video
    • I've been wanting to post these last Sunday but I always kept getting side tracked.... classic right?  So here they are, if you haven't watched my newest video #BootyWorship where I so nicely: spread my butt cheeks and asshole wide while spanking myself, fucking my pussy real good and of course... dirty talking to you naughty pervs... you are missing out!

      I have been having so much fun testing out our new sound equipment purchased for the cooking show... let's just say there's a LOT of dirty talking videos coming soon on the site :P  Hope …

    • New glass dildo
    • I've been receiving a pretty good amount of gifts from my wishlist lately (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SPOILING YOUR SEXY PRINCESS, PLEASE NEVER STOP :P) and even if haven't had the time to shoot everything yet, this glass dildo made an appearance the other night, while I enjoyed a nice bath.  I was going to write "bubble bath" but realized that by the time I started to shoot pics, there was no bubbles left! LOL! boohooo

      I've been using the various small bottles of shampoo collected during my travel and with each scent, it triggers a small …

    • Good morning Vista...
    • I like to shoot random photos when I wake up.  It's been part of my routine for quite some time now (we're talking years here) and I always thought morning pics are kind of the sexiest.  There's something about the magic hour that I find.... may I say... magic!  The messy bed hair, the relaxed clothes and the peacefulness of the mind always translate so well in images.  Have you seen this pictorial update?

      These photos were taken on my first day waking up in our new rental in Vista California.  It was the most perfect little hippie …

    • Cumming 4 U ...
    • I'm getting used to upload little short clips to my OnlyFans page and this clip was one of them.  I remember having spent en entire day texting my DreamLovers and shooting new content for this site which made me suuuuper horny and, as you can probably imagine, I needed a little moment to expel all this sexual energy... and this video was born :P

      Max is fingering me in the video (fuck yeah) while filming this incredible orgasm... I hope you guys will like it, here's a few naughty screen caps to entice you to go watch it :P

    • Shooting location for Chloe Toy and I
    • Hey guys!

      Have you checked the event calendar lately?  Actually... in the last two days?  I certainly hope so because you will be jumping for joy after seeing the DAILY UPDATES I've scheduled, until the end of the month!!!  Yup, yup, we are finally catching up on a lot of content lately and things are starting to move forward.

      But today's blog post isn't about the naughty pictorials and movies coming up on the site.  It's about my new profile on MFC Share.  It's the "clip store" type like site attached to MyFreeCams and, as you know if …

    • New Chapter...
    • When I first started this website, with my previous photographer, I was young, impressionable and eager to find myself a gig where I could make decent money with as little amount of work as possible.

      Yup, there I said it, I was a classic "lazy" millennial and taking the decision of jumping in such adventure was powered by a deep desire to explore my sexuality and sprinkled with a lot of immaturity.  Since I had already fell in love with erotic modeling, being the star of my own website just seemed like an appropriate way, for me, to explore …

    • Walking in New Orleans
    • I loved walking around in New Orleans.

      The first time I visited, it was their music festival and all the hotels were dead expensive.

      Max and I were a little disappointed about not being able to stay very long but, despite our short stay, the magic of the city had already made it's effect and we promised ourselves to come back.

      A few months later, on the way back to Montreal, we stopped again (for a week) and visited the city and it's surrounding.  It was just enough time to fill up on beignets, gumbo, boudin, pretty much every creole …

    • Friday sex thoughts... that fuck.
    • Thinking about that fuck, that moment.

      It was one of those days where I didn't feel like thinking and just wanted to be owned.  You took me, moved me around and fucked me like I deserved and begged to be fucked.  I might look innocent, bent over, on those pink sheets but you know it's not the case.  Over the years, you've seen me do countless of very kinky things in various public places and begging for more.  You know my cravings for outdoor sex and orgies and you know, as you were fucking me, I was thinking about how much I love to …

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