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    • Counting the days...
    • I rocked a "there's something about Mary" hair style, this week end.  Saturday night was quite wild and included some great wine, good conversations, fun time with friends and, obviously, rough sex.  Everybody was sleeping upstairs while we were going at it in the baseman and good thing I love to be hand smothered and choked because it definitely helped me to make as less noise as possible.  Waking up on Sunday, my head was in the clouds and even the grey and rainy weather didn't affect my state of mind.

      I guess I could say that Max …

    • Frisky movie + candid gallery!
    • I'm always very excited when it comes time to shoot new content for the site.  Even more, when I'm wearing a sexy lingerie set + sexy high heels that were purchased from my wishlist.  I hope the sweet fan who bought me these items will be delighted to see me modelling them for him.

      I don't know if you guys noticed by there was a NEW MOVIE POSTED ON SITE, yesterday.  Some of you already came to tell me how much you enjoyed the movie (mostly on twitter) but I wondered how many of you haven't watched it yet.

      So here's a little tease of the …

    • Prehistoric rock formations...
    • The huge rock formations behind me have an interesting story... Essentially, where I stand, used to be an ocean of sand (we're talking in the dinosaur times here) and over the next thousands of years, all this sand compacted in to huge rocky mountains!  You feel so small beside these colourful mountains, it's always a nice reminder that there's always something bigger than us and we shouldn't take ourselves so seriously.

      First thing first... HAPPY HALLOWEEN lovers!  I hope you will all have an incredible celebration and you don't choke …

    • Shooting in Joshua tree with Anthony Randall
    • One of my new favourite place, in California, is Joshua tree.  Not only that the small town attached to the national park is absolutely adorable, exploring the enormous park is an experience you don't want to miss, if you're in the area.  Just make sure to have a full tank of gas before attempting to drive through the entire park because it's huge and if you run out of gas in the middle, well... there's absolutely nothing around for miles and miles.  Under the blistering sun, the last thing you'll want to do is walking so make sure you …

    • Moving in to my new place!
    • That's it!  ...the wait is almost over.

      Next Monday, I'll officially be settled down in my new kick ass new apartment, in Montreal.  I see a lot of video blogs and porn shoots while walking about naked in front of the huge windows that cover two major walls of the place.  I'll gladly be flashing my goods to the city while drinking tea or coffee and be fucked hard in front of the shinning city lights.  After living in a house with kids running around for the past month, this change of pace and return back to my normal will be very …

    • I took a stroll with Amber Chase
    • Amber was nice enough to invite Max and I to stay at her place, for a few days, during our road trip.  Even if we had never met before, we got along very well and I really enjoyed listening to her life story and discover she has a ton of serious diplomas and could be a scientist but prefers to explore her sexuality online.  Also, since Max had never seen Las Vegas before we decided to go and give it a chance.

      Her husband was nice enough to make us walk the strip, one night, while publicly drinking.  We saw a lot of attractions, got …

    • Monday cheer up!
    • Hellooooooo lovely people!

      It's another beautiful week that is starting and I hope you guys are in a good mood.  If you aren't, I'm hoping this blog post will bring a little sunshine in your day.  So here's a photo, I just took, of my swollen boobs to make you feel better :P lol!

      The sun is shinning in the suburb of Montreal but I'm dreaming of the day Max and I will be moving back to the city.  Like mentioned in my last post, we are signing our new lease this week and should be able to move in the first week of November.  Like …

    • Sunday love...
    • Three long months have passed since my last blog... Wow, this must be my longest time without giving you a sign of life and I'm deeply sorry.  Although, it wasn't nice from me to leave you guys hanging in the blog... this time away helped me to work on myself (some of you already know that I just got out of a big depression from loosing my best friend), work on setting up my business on stronger grounds (Max and I will be taking over the site fully - this explanation is for another blog) and FIND AN APARTMENT!!  ...finally.

      I've been going …

    • What am I up to?
    • Hey lovers *^_^*

      ...long time right?  Feels like I haven't spoke to you guys in a while (oh wait, it actually been a while since my last blog lol!), and I felt like pouring a little bit of heart and soul to you today.  So I'm sure you're wondering... what I've been up to lately?  As usual, a TON of stuff and here's the small breakdown of my brain madness... lol!


      Regarding the member area... The coding team is still working hard at tweaking the old code of the site (it's pure madness to try to salvage the old code while updating it …

    • About the bonus content section...
    • So today I've been doing a lot of stuff.  From meeting with the coding team to trying to find what's wrong with our car (the AC keep shutting down when it's too hot outside - so convenient at 48C right XD), to Skype shows and re-processing the galleries in the bonus content section of the site.  The day isn't done yet but I'm already pretty tired but I'm feeling very accomplished.

      I got a lot of great news concerning the new features and by next week some brand new things should start being visible (finally).  Obviously, I'm asking for a …

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