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    • Bad News & Good News...
    • So I'm leaving tomorrow morning!! *^_^*

      Vacation life here I come, the next three moths should be very interesting in terms of food discoveries and naughtiness. Here's today's vlog telling you a little bit about what's happening.  I know I'm repeating myself but follow me on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook to know more about what's happening in my world and because social media is made to be followed :P lol!

      Huge hugs, going to pack my computer and be ready for tomorrow's departure.  I'll be pretty much silent till I pass the border …

    • Love lace video
    • There's been a new video published on the site today and, like I mentioned yesterday in the vlog, it's my first full Adobe Premiere Pro project.  Obviously, I'm not Max Rebel when it comes to shooting and cutting a video but I'm still very pleased with the result of this first experiment.  Way back in the days, when I used to published more self shot videos, I used Windows movie maker which is pretty much a (pardon my French...) a shit software lol!

      Max has been nice enough to teach me the basics of Premiere Pro and my skills can only …

    • New Updates Schedule!
    • Today's vlog is fairly quick but it's announcing something great!  I decided to switch things up a little and change the regular updates schedules because the way it was set up now, all week was photo updates and then video updates on the week end.  This new schedule is going to be much better (I hope) and give you guys a nice mix of photos and videos nicely spread out during the week and week end, keeping you all very busy... if you see what I mean ;)

      so here's how it's going to look...

      Login & Click here to download this blog …

    • Couscous vlog
    • I'm currently editing a solo masturbation video but I doubt I'll be done today and have the time for the whole processing and encoding before Tuesday turn in to Wednesday.  Since right now it's 7:30pm in Montreal, it's already time to get off the computer and enjoy this thing called "life".

      Although my second vid isn't finished becoming website worthy, here's today's vlog!

      I'm talking about what's happening in my life on this ending Tuesday and a bunch of more randomness for 11 minutes! lol! Hope you had a great day, tomorrow is hump …

    • Qualicum Beach
    • There's a few places, during my travel, two years ago, that I really liked and Qualicum beach in British Columbia was one of them.  We were just arriving from Port Angeles which you'll have photos of my trip from there on the site (in June), in Washington State which is seriously an incredible, peaceful place that you have to visit.  Coming from this little peace of earth place and arriving to Qualicum wasn't so much of a big change as Qualicum is another peaceful city on the side the ocean between the main land and the island.

      A little …

    • How did I started in porn?
    • This question has been asked quit often, over the last 12 years (that's crazy right? O_O) but, since it was asked again yesterday on twitter, I'm giving you my quick little story (12 minutes long of blabbering lol) on how I started my career in the adult industry.

      If you've never heard this story before, hope this video answers your question.  Like I published in my previous article, feel free to ask me any other questions you have in mind (write them in the comment section) and I'll answer them in the upcoming video blogs.  Download …

    • First day of Spring!
    • Happy Monday everyone!

      It's been super fun to film my first vlog from the car, while we were doing a coffee run.  Like I'm mentioning in the video, there will be another video blog added to the site in a few minutes (pretty much right after I'm done writing this post and once it's done encoding in to the four different formats) which answers a question that I get often...

      Obviously, feel free to ask me other questions you wish I would answer and I'll start making a new list with them and answer them one by one.

      I hope you enjoy little …

    • Pedicure day video!
    • And it's finally LIVE! lol!

      It took a crazy amount of time to transform the video in to 4 different sizes and for me to learn Adobe Premiere Pro to put my usual fancy introduction, rotating logo and video ending.  Good thing max is such a good teacher and has the patience to teach me (I'm a terrible joke, ask him lol!) this new software I only used once.

      Click here to watch the video

      Hopefully, it will take me a lot less time, next time I want to publish something but like we say... practice makes better right?!  *^_^* …

    • Poll: What should be the next pro video?
    • I had posted this poll on twitter but removed it after getting annoyed of reading a bunch of freeloaders giving me advices on what I should be doing on here, knowing clearly that they would probably just wait till one of the non talking members rip the video off the member area to post it for free on shady websites.  With this epiphany, it's time for you guys (my real supporters) to give me your input on what should be the next professional video on the site!

      Clearly, my head is full of ideas but like the lingerie that was purchased by …

    • Feet Tease...
    • I'm writing this quick note as the upcoming self shot, foot fetish video is being processed in to the regular four different sizes before being upload on the site.  It's taking quit a bit of time but it will make it's way in to the candid video section before the end of the day.

      One question I've been wanting to ask you guys... do you care at all about the screen caps galleries?  Personally, I think they're absolutely useless but I've never really knew if you guys enjoy seeing every single videos in screen caps forms.  So, before …

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